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If it’s one thing Persians love, it’s good food!  But many of our classic dishes require a long, long time to prepare.  And the reality is that after a busy day of work and running around town to get your kiddos to soccer practice and dance class, there just isn’t enough  time to prepare the authentic and healthy meal you had in mind.

We know that and we lived that. And that’s why we set out to change that.  Think of Kadbanou as an extension of your kitchen where the toughest and most time-consuming part of preparing a meal has been taken care of for you.

Our commitment is to make cooking easier for you, but without compromising on quality or taste.  Our greens are rinsed vigorously not once, not twice, but three times (yes, three times!) with cutting edge equipment.  Then we have special equipment that removes all the excess water before our products are vacuum packaged and frozen. Our fried products undergo the same process before they are carefully fried in our braising pans.

The trust you place in us is what drives us.  Know that we work directly with farmers all across the world to bring you the best quality.  So rest assured that when you sit around a table to enjoy quality time with your family and friends, you are also enjoying a quality meal that is nothing short of homemade freshness all around.

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